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Open until 31 August 2017
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ABOUT THE WOMANITY AWARDSWho should applyWe are looking for an Innovation Partner Organisation which has demonstrated the impact of a successful programme contributing to create safer urban spaces for  women.The Innovation Partner needs to have identifie

TIMELINE AND SELECTION PROCESSThe selection process includes 4 stages by which we will:   1.  Identify and select a shortlist of Innovation and Scale up partners couples (4th September - 27th October 2017) 2.   Proceed to Due Diligence and shortlis


The Award will provide up to CHF 300,000 equivalent to fund potential staff time, technical expertise, consultancy, networks, learning visits, in order to support this collaborative replication process.- CHF 240,000 will be donated to fund both winning o


You can recommend an organisation or put your own organisation forward.
(Please check eligibility criteria and timeline)
Which organisation would you like to nominate?

In which country are they based?

What is the organisation's website?

How is the organisation contributing to prevent violence against women, by creating safer urban spaces for women?

Where has their programme already been replicated and by whom?

IMPORTANT:  For us to retain this nomination, please give a concrete example (the name of the organisation that has replicated the nominated programme or if it has been replicated internally, in another country for instance).
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If your nominated organisation is selected, we will send them an invitation to apply.
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