Eligibility defines who can apply for the WOMANITY AWARD.
The Womanity Award Programme team will invite organisations to apply based on the following eligibility terms:

1.     Be a legal, registered organisation.

2.     Have gender equality and/or the prevention of gender-based violence included in their mission statement.

3.    Be able to demonstrate:

- a clear intervention model 
- a track record of dissemination with two or more organisations or chapters
- impact measurement process for any replication undertaken to date
- initial evidence of success and learning
- ability to clearly communicate on their results
- financial sustainability and sound governance

4.   Have selected a Scale-Up Partner to replicate a programme that aims to prevent gender-based violence

5.   Be willing to provide material and references in support of their application.

6.   If selected to take part in the mentorship phase, to commit to collaborate with your selected partner organisation, to develop a replication proposal, do a field visit, and attend on-line mentoring sessions.

7.   To present the replication proposal to a selection panel, alongside the scale-up partner (location to be confirmed).

8.   If selected as a winner, to agree, alongside the scale-up partner, to work with the Womanity Foundation and its eco-system partners to utilise the suite of financial and organisational support in order to develop and implement your replication process successfully.

9.   If selected as winner, to commit to be available for contact and to provide key performance indicators and regular programme update to the Womanity Award Programme for up to three years.

10.   If selected as a winner, to actively participate as a member of and contribute knowledge to the Womanity Foundation alumni network.

11.   Submit the application form with all required fields completed, to laura@womanity.org before the deadline of 20th December 2017 by 23:59:59 UK GMT.

(No entries will be accepted after this time)

If you have any question about the eligibility criteria, please contact laura@womanity.org

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